Oral History Interview with Malia Kai Salaam on July 17, 2021

Oral History Interview with Malia Kai Salaam on July 17, 2021



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Salaam, Malia Kai


Siddiq, Naimah; Perkins, Dr. Alisa (Research Director)


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Detroit, MI (Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center)


Acting, African-American identity, African culture, African-American history, African-American Muslims, Aircraft carrier, Al-Haramain International Foods, Imam Dawud Alim, The American Dream, Anti-racism, Artist, Assassination of Malcolm X, Athletic ability, Atlantic slave trade, Australia, Baitul Islam Jame Masjid, Bangladeshi American Muslims, Bangladeshi food, Basketball, Bengali language, “Black Bengali, ” Black Bottom, Black Church, Brazil, Cass Technical High School, Catechism classes, Catholicism. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Chanting in Islam, Christianity, Church culture, Classical music, Coalition On Temporary Shelter (COTS), Cobo Hall, Colonization, Conversion to Islam, Corpsman, COVID-19, Creativity, D-Day Normandy Landings, Dawah, Dearborn, Delivering babies, Detroit, Detroit Fire Department, Detroit Repertory Theater, Dhikr. Diwali, Drama, Dream of Detroit, Dream Street Fair, Drug epidemic, Eastern Market, Eid, Imam Abdullah El-Amin, Emergency medical technician, Enlistee, Fatherhood, Flutist, Food distribution, Friday prayer service, Glossolalia, God-consciousness, Grandparenthood, Greektown, Halal meat, Hamtramck, Highland Park, Historic Masjid Wali Muhammad, Honorable discharge, Horn of Africa, Houselessness, Housing density, Imam's role in America, Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine, Indian cultural traditions, Islam, Islam in America, Islam in prison, Islamic education for youth, Japan, Jazz music, Jumu'ah, Lighting technician, Live musical performance, Longfellow Block Club, Mass communications major, Michigan Michigan, Ministering to Muslim women, Imam Warith Deen Mohammed, Mosque murals, Muhammad, The Honorable Elijah, Multiracial Muslim American community, Mural artist, Murals, Music band, Musician, Muslim Americans, Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center, Muslims, Napalm, Nation of Islam, Navy core values, Neighborhood revitalization, New York City, New Zealand, The Old Attic Theater, Online teaching, Paramedical Corps, Pentecostalism, Percussionist, Pharmacy major, Pharmacy technician, The Philippines, Pontiac, Praying, Prophet Job, Prophet Muhammad, Public relations for Muslim Americans, Qur'an education, Racial segregation, Racism, Relationship counselor, Religious leader, Reversion to Islam, Rio de Janeiro, Ritual, Russell Elementary School, Sculpture, Senegal, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Shahada, Single mothers, Social distancing, Soul food, Soul music, Soup kitchen, Speaking in tongues, Spiritual counselor, Spiritual fatigue, Spiritually seeking, Sufism, Super spreader events, Syed Miah, Taqwa, TCF Center, Theater, Theater technician, Transcendental meditation, Tuskegee Syphilis Study, Unhoused population, United States Navy, Vietnam War, Visual art, Volunteer, Washington School for Boys, Wayne State University, World Health Organization, Malcolm X, Zen Buddhism, Catherine Ziyad, Lawrence Ziyad


African American Studies | Africana Studies | American Studies | Civic and Community Engagement | Community-Based Research | Digital Humanities | Ethics in Religion | Fine Arts | Inequality and Stratification | Islamic Studies | Nonprofit Administration and Management | Politics and Social Change | Race and Ethnicity | Religion | Theatre and Performance Studies | Urban Studies and Planning


Interview conducted by Zayd Walid at the Muslim Center Mosque and Community Center. Interview written by Dr. Alisa Perkins (Research Director) and Zayd Walid. Interview recorded under the direction of Supervising Producer Malikah Shabazz with Assistant Producer Alexis Collis. Videography by Naimah Siddiq, facilitated by Brooklynne Bates. Video Edited by: Blueford, Liaya. Transcribed by: Delaney Novak. Transcription edited by: Dr. Alisa Perkins. Metadata prepared by: Meghan Murphy and Dr. Alisa Perkins. Metadata edited by: Dr. Alisa Perkins and Sophia Wimberley.



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Oral History Interview with Malia Kai Salaam on July 17, 2021