Date of Award


Degree Name

Bachelor of Science


Pulp and Paper Technology


Deinkability of UV-cured inks becomes increasingly important as more printers turn to this faster and easier printing method. Unfortunately, according to Ortner, Wood and Gartermann all known deinking process and formulations failed to deink these printing inks. Therefore it was the objective of this study to determine the feasibility of deinking paper printed with this new solventless ink. A critical review of the literature on flotation deinking was made. Zeta potential of the UV-cured ink was measured. The results were used to explain the effect of the kind and quantity of chemicals used in the flotation operation were investigated. It was found that by using sodium silicate-peroxide cook followed by flotation using toluene and oleic acid as collectors an ink speck-free sheet was obtained. To avoid fiber flotation a consistency as low as 0.3% is required.