Submission Guidelines for English Faculty Publications

Who Can Submit

ScholarWorks at WMU collects materials from work conducted by any current or previous faculty or staff member of Western Michigan University. For additional information, please contact

How to Submit a Paper

Make sure your paper is in an appropriate format. We can accept papers as Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format (RTF), or Adobe (PDF) files.

If you use word processing software other than Microsoft Word, look for an "export" or "save as" option in your program to save it as an RTF or PDF file. We can convert files from some software into an acceptable format.

You will need to provide the following for each publication:

  1. Title
  2. Authors – email, name including middle name and initial. (Be consistent if you want all publications to appear under one name. You have variations in the citation, to reflect accurately the name as given in the publication. If someone has moved on, provide the institution where they were working at the time of publication, but provide a current email address.)
  3. Document type – Be aware that there a numerous types of articles including peer-reviewed. If you have a document type not listed, please contact
  4. Version – this is for previously published materials - you may be uploading a pre-print, post-print or publisher PDF.
  5. Publication date – need at least the year, more if available.
  6. Keywords that will help a user locate your paper through a search, e.g. Google, PowerSearch
  7. Discipline – uses Digital Commons taxonomy. There will be a default discipline for each department. If your publication has an additional subject area, choose from the subjects provided (if you are uploading yourself) or provide us with a subject area that we will try to match. If your publication is not really about that discipline, indicate that.
  8. Abstract – if you don’t have one already, you can either write one up or leave it blank.
  9. Comments – if your publisher requires some statement of acknowledgement, this is where it should go. You may provide a link to the publisher PDF or site here.
  10. WMU ScholarWorks Citation – leave this blank, the system will fill it in.
  11. Published Citation – If your work was published, provide a full citation to it here in Chicago or APA style.
  12. Upload file – if you are uploading yourself, you will have a choice of uploading from your computer, importing the full text from another site, or just linking to the outside site. The latter option is for those publishers that do not allow any form of their publication to be uploaded to an institutional repository.
  13. Publication status – if previously published, click Yes
  14. Additional files – if you have additional files that go with this publication, such as posters, presentations, images, or permissions to upload, please add these here.

Submit the paper by

  • Uploading it yourself and entering all the above information OR
  • Emailing it to Attach it to an email message with all the above information, except for j, l, and m.
  • How to Revise Your Paper

    If you publish this paper or a revised version elsewhere, for example in a journal, please send the citation of the new version to We will be able to inform repository users about the new version.

    If you would like to post a revised version of your paper on the site, please follow the instructions in How to Submit above; however, please specify when you submit the paper that it is a revision of a previously submitted paper.