The Faculty Research and Creative Activities Awards encourage excellence among faculty engaged in scholarly research, scientific inquiry, inventive technology, and original artistic activity. This competitive program offers grants for project-related expenses.

Each year, the FRACAA winners are asked to present on their projects at the Research and Creative Activities Poster Day. Some of the projects have data that is still very preliminary, and have chosen not to share their poster beyond the Poster Day. Others are waiting to publish their work and have embargoed their material for a year or two or even longer.

If you are author of any of the posters or presentations below and would like to change the availability, or have something to share from a previous FRACAA award, please contact


Posters from 2019


A Comparison of x86 Computer Architecture Simulators, Ayaz Akram and Lina Sawalha


Decade Zero: Works for Instruments & Electronics, Christopher Biggs

No Dark in Sight: Light and the Night it Transforms, Bill Davis

Engineering the Band Gap of New Materials for Optoelectronics, Steve M. Durbin, Robert Makin, Krystal York, N. Senabulya, J. Mathis, R. Clarke, N. Feldberg, P. Miska, L. Williams, C. Jones, E. Kioupakis, T. D. Veal, and R. Reeves

Molecular Phylogenetics and Diversification of South American Darters (Characiformes: Crenuchidae), Kimberly Foster, Nathan K. Lujan, Rebecca M. Everts, Brian L. Sidlauskas, Hernan Lopez-Fernandez, and Devin D. Bloom

3d Printed Lab on Chips for In Vitro Studies, Muralidhar K. Ghantasala, Piyush Pokharna, Prabhjot Singh, and Elena Rozhkova

Exploring Patterns and Drivers of Acoustic Diversity During the Dawn Chorus, Sharon Gill, Nate Fuller, Kathleen M. Baker, and Maarten J. Vonhof


Design of a Portable Biogas Purification and Storage System, Anikumar Kosna and Bade Shrestha

Compound Defects in High Temperature Superconductors, P. Niraula, E. Bokari, S. Iqbal, K. Waters, M. Smylie, U. Welp, W. K. Kwok, A. Kayani, and Lisa M. Paulius

Climate Change and Invisible Suffering: Transgenerational Impacts of Traumatic Maternal Experiences of Extreme Drought, Bilinda Straight, Charles E. Hilton, Georgiana Onicescu, Belinda Needham, Amy Naugle, Olungah C. Owuor, Yuqian Shen, Stephanie M. Haft, Saman Leseela, Daniel L. Leseela, Celina Jeska, and Caronline Sisina Kelempu

Increasing Self-Regulation for ADL Independence: Feasibility Study and Co-Regulation Curriculum Description, Michelle A. Suarez, Ben Atchison, Elsie Bush, and Marion R. Spear

Insulation Design Optimization of Distribution Transformers, Juan M. Villaneueva Ramirez, Yazid AlKraimeen, and Pablo Gomez

Posters from 2015


Time-Dependent Photoionization Modeling of Gaseous Nebulae, Manuel Bautista, Ehab ElHoussieny, Javier Garcia, and T. R. Kallman


The Effects of Light Exposure on Flight Crew Alertness Levels, Lori Brown

Coal, Snow and Million Dollar Homes: Rural Economic Development via Global Industries in British Columbia, Paul Ciccantell

Using Geographic Information Systems to Evaluate and Target Diabetes Education, Amy Curtis

On Quantitative Extensions of Ramsey Theory, Andrzej Dudek

Opportunity, Motivation, Exchange, & Member Benefit in Timebank Organizations, Brian Gogan and Leah Omilion-Hodges

(un)Fixing the Eye: William Kentridge and the Making of Post-apartheid South Africa, Andrew Hennlich

Multi-Target Spacecraft Trajectory Design, Jennifer Hudson

Measuring Boron Erosion using Optical Emission Spectroscopy for Electric Propulsion Applications, Kristina Lemmer


The Development of a Workplace Resilience Instrument, Larry Mallak

Toward Off-Grid Production and Processing of Algae for Sustainable Energy and Environmental Remediation, John B. Miller

Coalescence Percussion Duo – ALTERNATIONS, Judy Moonert

Bayesian Network Detection of Breast Cancer Treatment Disparities, Diana Prieto and Milton Rene Soto Ferrari

Comparison of Therapeutic Showering and Usual Care During Labor, Mary Ann Stark


Geochemical Investigation of the Origin of the Back Forty Volcanogenic Massive Sulfide Deposit in Menominee County, Michigan, Joyashish Thakurta and Anthony Boxleiter


Environmental Change and the Emergence of New Livestock Production Systems in Central Gansu Province, China, Gregory Veeck


Extrinsic and Intrinsic Factors Influence Parasite Burden in the Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus), Maarten Vonhof

Analysis of Vocational Education and Training in Ukraine Since the Soviet Era, Richard Zinser

Posters from 2014

Developing and Testing a Prototype of an Integrated Critical Care Information System (ICCIS), Kuriakose Athappilly


Explorations of Animal Consciousness, Karen Bondarchuk

Gran Danzon: A CD Recording of Flute Music from North, Central, and South America and the Caribbean, Martha Councell-Vargas


Jack’s Place, Scott Cowan

Investigating Microbial Biodegradation of Ionic Liquids, Kathryn M. M. Docherty

New Geospatial Approaches in Paleoanthropology, Charles W. (Jay) W. Emerson

Partial Characterization of Two Overlapping Open Reading Frames in the Frog Virus 3 Genome, Karim Essani

Identification of Plague Cellular Targets, John R. R. Geiser

Understanding Signaling Behavior of Songbirds in Noisy Soundscapes, Sharon Gill

Energy Saving Improvements for Industrial Ovens, Claudia Hansford


Parallel Integration of Visual Inputs Evoking Discrete Motor Patterns Leading to coordinated Avoidance Behaviors, John Jellies


Asymmetric Reactions of N-heterocyclic Carbenes Using Green Chemistry Principles, James J. J. Kiddle


Accident Prediction Models for Partial Cloverleaf On-Ramp Loops, Valerian Kwigizile


Don’t Blame the Messenger! Political Advertising, Voter Attributions, and the 2012 Presidential Election, Karen M. Lancendorfer

The Role of Thylakoid Zinc-Finger Proteins in Photosynthesis, Yan Lu

The Role of Soil Moisture Precipitation Autocorrelation in Summer Precipitation Variations in East China, Lei Meng

Maize Prices and Unobservable Quality: Evidence from Aflatoxin Tests in Kenya, Christine Moser


Labor and Vulnerability Among Pastoralists in Northern Kenya, Bilinda Straight

Mechanisms of Nucleic Acid Binding by Rotavirus and PWI Motif Proteins, Blair R. R. Szymczyna

The Role of Reagent Gas-Phase Basicity During Supercharging of Proteins, Andre R. Venter


Evaluation of Thin Film Nanotube-Antibody Matrix Materials for Potential Integration into Immunodiagnostic Biosensors, Brian Young

Posters from 2013


HSV in Cervical Cancer, Bruce Bejcek

Language and Memory in Early Medieval Venice (700-1000), Luigi Andrea Berto


Morphometric Analysis of Acetabular Rim Shape Among Ancient Mongolian Pastoralists, Jacqueline T. Eng, Andrew Baker, Pingbo Tang, Shannon Thompson, and Jamie M. Gomez

Local Electric Fields in Proteins and at Interfaces Monitored via Two-Photon Fluorescence Spectroscopy, Ramakrishna Guda


Sweet Memories: Confectionary and History in Japan, Jon Holtzman


Distribution and Prevalence of Keystone Parasite in the Eastern United States, Steven L. Kohler, Elaine R. Cooper, and Michael J. Wiley

Preliminary Results of Two Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Margin Transects: Hypothesis Testing, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Lose, Michelle Kominz


Mapping the Lake Michigan Tri-Modal Corridor, David Lemberg

Going with the International Flow--A Foreigner's Experience of Allowing Opportunities to Unfold, Debra Lindstrom

Levels of Fraction Understanding Among Prospective Elementary Teachers, Jane-Jane Lo and Theresa Grant


Molecularly Woven Materials from Metal-Organic Precursors, Gellert Mezei, Jaafar Hachem, Isurika R. Fernando, Natasha R. Wadhwa, and Neil C. Hughes


Electron Transfer in Electrophilic Aromatic Nitration and Nitrosation, Yirong Mo and Zhenhua Chen

Design and Evaluation of Sensors for the Detection of Toxic Organophosphorus and Organoarsenic Compounds, Sherine Obare

Making the New Europe: Czech Historical Writing from the 15th to 17th Centuries, James Palmitessa

Chemical Investigation of Nitrogen Fixation, Elke Schoffers

Gunpowder Percy: Merging Fact with Fantasy, Grace Tiffany


Cystema a Site-Specific Installation at the Havana Biennial, Havana, Cuba, Patricia Villalobos Echeverria