Graduate students showcase their scholarly work in the annual WMU Research and Creative Activities Poster Day. The outstanding poster presentations are given awards by the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Graduate Student Advisory Committee.


Posters from 2018

Re-examining the Effect of Maternal Employment on Child Obesity: The Case of School-Age Children, Bezawit Teshome Agiro

Selective Incarceration and Extraction of Oxoanion Contaminants from Aqueous Media by Self-Assembled Nanojars, Basil M. Ahmed

How Does an Increased Freeway Speed Limit Influence the Frequency of Crashes on Adjacent Roads, Fadi A. Alhomaidat


Human Behavior Modeling for Residential Energy Consumption, Mesfer Alrizq


Ten Elementary School Teacher's Voices: How They Build Effective Literacy Learning in the Lives of Their Second Grade Children, Merfat Alsubaie

The Effects of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide on the Expression of Nerve Growth Factor and Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor in Cardiac Cells, Gabriel Almeida Alves

School District View of Student and School Success, Dustin Anderson

Assessing Treatment Efficacy in a Personalized Medicine Era, Eunice Anderson

Geologic Mapping of the Bronson North and Bronson South 7.5-minute Quadrangle, Branch County, Michigan, Karl Backhaus

Illiquidity Contagion and the Pricing of commonality Risk in the U.S. Stock Market: Evidence from the Dynamic Conditional Correlation (DCC) Model, Nardos Moges Beyene

Universal Immunization Program, Health Infrastructure and Immunization Coverage in India: A Lesson from Machine Learning, Dweepobetee Brahma

The Impact of Advisor Mentoring Styles on Black Female Advisees at Predominantly White Institutions, Tasia Bryson

Evaluation of the Talking About Safe Sleep Program, Summer Chahin

Breakdowns of Democracy in Nepal: A Comparative Study Between 1960 and 2005, Abi Chamlagai

Science Teachers Experiences and Implementation of Next Generation Science Standards, Adam Channell


Effects of a Historical Story on Student Understanding of NOS, Peng Dai


Assessing Land Deformation and Sea Encroachment in the Nile Delta, Egypt, Esayas Gebremichael

Religiosity and Spirituality as Protective Factors for Addiction Recovery, Caitlin Leigh Halligan

The Assembly and Function of PWI Domain Containing Complexes and Poxvirus Protein, Nafiseh Jandaghijafari

Immigrant/ Refugee Success in the United States: A Case of Burmese Residents in Battle Creek, Michigan, Christina Khim

Objectively Determining the Magnitude of In-Chair Movement by Seat Pan Pressure Distributions that Impact Dynamic Necessities in Extended Task Seating, Megan Kuk

Study of Self-Propelled Swimming Body, Ye Luo


Elementary/Middle School Pre-service Teachers’ Understanding of Variability and the Use of Dynamical Statistical Software, Yaomingxin Lu

A Machine Learning Approach for Categorizing User-Adjusted Seat Pan Contours During Extended Task Seating, Joan Y. Martinez

Delayed Desorption Improves Protein Analysis by Desorption Electrospray, Tara Maser

Monoamine Reuptake Inhibitors Potentiate the Discriminative Stimulus Effects of 3,4-Methylenedioxyprovvalerone (MDPV) in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats, Harmony Risca

Analysis of Functional Redundancy between Two Plastid-Targeted Iron-Sulfur Carrier Proteins, Manasa Satyanarayan

Spatial Analysis of Indoor Radon in Michigan, Yuqian Jenny Shen

Changes in Annual Rain, Snow and Temperatures in Michigan- Is Climate Change Evident?, Neal Turluck

Objectively Determining the Language-Related communication Challenges between Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers, Fehime Utkan

Microglial/ Macrophage Response Patterns Following Damage to the Olfactory Bulb in Adult Zebrafish, Susanna Var

Challenges and Solutions Paths for the Analysis of Ipsative Data, Qian Wang

Dietary and Health Related Behaviors of WIC-Enrolled Pregnant Women, Quinyi Zhang

Posters from 2017


Why do Women Delay in Seeking Prenatal Care? A Discrete-Time Survival Analysis, Ama Agyeiwaa Abrokwah

Ultrafast Charge Carrier Dynamics in Highly Luminescent Cesium Lead Halide (CsPbX3) Perovskite Nanocomposites, Abubkr Abuhagr

An Evaluation of Parental Involvement in the Kalamazoo Kids in Tune Program, Ruqayyah Abu-Obaid, Anthony Frontiera, Aaron Kates, Tara Lightner, Lenore Yaeger, and Yunzheng Zheng

Building Information Modeling, Virtual Reality, Sensing Technology, Game and Energy Simulation in Supporting Construction Automation and Sustainable Buildings, Temitope Akanbi, Majid Mastali, Abdulaziz Abdullah M. Alghamdi, and Hani Baraka Alsharari


Research Methods in Public Administration: A Systematic Review, Adel Hasan Ahmed Aladlani


Enhance a Deep Neural Network Model for Twitter Sentiment Analysis by Incorporating a User-Level Information, Ahmed Sulaiman M Alharbi


An Appromximation Algorithm for Motif Finding in DNA Sequences, Hasnaa Imad Al-Shaikhli


State-wide Patterns In Diabetes Screening Service: Comparing 3 Medical Insurance Plans, Stephen Anim-Preko


Findings from a Systematic Review of Key Public Administration Membership Associations’ Journals, Ruth M. Bates-Hill


Authorship Revealed: Findings from a Systematic Review of Key Public Administration Membership Associations' Journals, Ruth M. Bates-Hill, Daniela C. Schroeter, Adel Hasan Ahmed Aladlani, Hussein Chalabi, Gregory D. Greenman II, Mike Mendenhall, and Diane Thompson

The Relationship between Anthropogenic Climate Change Acceptance and Agreement with Authentic Dissenter Messages, Andrew Phillip Keller Bentley

Green Burials: The Deinstitutionalization of Death, Charlie Bouverette

"People You May (or May Not) Know:” Usage Intensity, Status Motivation, and Intimate Self Disclosure as Predictors of Bridging Social Capital on Facebook, Ryan Castillo


Characterization of a Neuroprotective Retinal Synapse After Inducing Glaucoma in Long Evans Rats, Cynthia A. Cooley-Themm

Atmospheric Microbial Community Sampling System for Varying Altitude Collection, Kenneth Domingue

Nature, Timing, and Origin of Wet Climatic Periods in Arabia from Geochemical (Stable Isotopes, Noble Gas Thermometry, Geochronology) and Geomorphological Data, Mustafa Emil


Modeling Channel Response to Dam Removal in Lansing, Michigan, using SWAT, Ryan Filbin

Phosphorus Speciation of Riverbed Sediments from a Eutrophic Watershed in SW Michigan: Assessment of Phosphorus Recovery Potential, Katie Gaviglio

The Impact of Anthropogenic Noise on Avian Communication and Fitness, Erin Grabarczyk


Black Women as Scapegoats: The Mass Incarceration of Black Men and the Social Stigma of the Welfare Queen, Keiondra J. Grace and Olivia M. McLaughlin

Comparing the Effects of Additives on Protein Analysis by DESI and ESI, Elahe Honarvar


Unusual Isotopic Effects Produced in Precipitation as a Byproduct of Unusual Atmospheric Processes, Shelby Hurst

Optimized Dielectric Design of Medium Voltage Induction Motors, Mohammed Khalil Hussain

Implication of Item and Test Differential Item Functioning in Criterion-Referenced Tests, Xiaojie Hu

Denoising Large Neuroimaging Data on Brain Tumor Using Spatial Random Effects Model on Sphere, Leonard C. Johnson

Dielectronic Recombination of Si-Like Ions and the Orion Nebula S2+ Abundance Conundrum, Jagjit Kaur


Analysis of Emergency Medical Services Response Continuum for Motor Vehicle Crashes in Michigan, Megan Kuk


A Statistical Model for Emergency Medical Services Response to Motor Vehicle Crashes in Michigan, Megan Kuk


Computer Simulation of Flexiblity and Inertial Effects on Self-propelled Swimming Bodies, Ye Luo and Tai-Hsien Wu


Turbulence Analysis for the Improvement of Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency, James R. MacDonald and Claudia Fajardo-Hansford

Exploiting Disorder in Novel Semiconductors for Optoelectronic Devices, Robert Makin


Hemicellulose Based Barrier Coating for Packaging, Ruoxi Ma


Spatial Thinking and Cognitive Processing in Meteorology, Peggy McNeal

Macroeconomic Impacts of U.S. Quantitative Easing in Latin America: A Global Vector Autoregression Approach, Daniel Abraham Mengistu

Student Engagement in Direct Instruction, Undergraduate Microbiology Laboratories, Eva Ngulo

A Markov Regime Switching Model with Time-varying Transition Probabilities for Identifying Asset Price Bubbles, Frank Ofori


Land Deformation Associated with Salt Domes along the Red Sea Coastline, Hannah Pankratz


Evaluation of The Effectiveness of Clearview Font and Fluorescent Yellow Sheeting on Michigan’s Freeways, Lusanni Acosta Rodriguez

Halo Organic Degradation by Flavin Monocleotide (FMN) and Colloidal TiO2, Tahseen Saeed

The Effect of Road Salt Runoff on Lake Methanogens and Methane, Emily Irene Sprague


Satellite Sequencing Optimization Using a Genetic Algorithm, Andrew Verstraete


Measuring Quality of Life for Shanghai’s Floating Population Employed in Urban Renewal Sites, Jacob A. Watkins and Gregory Veeck


Data Driven Decision Making: Utilizing Alumni Perspectives In Strategic Management, Robert Welton


The Quantum Dancing of Hot Atomic Nuclei: A New Theoretical Approach, Herlik Wibowo


Do Incentives Increase Response Rates to an Internet Survey of American Evaluation Association Members?, Lyssa N. Wilson

Poster or Performance Title: Economic Impact Analysis of Bridge Construction, Funda Yavuz

Modeling Student Misconceptions Using Nested Logit Item Response Models, Mustafa Yildiz

An Examination of the Design and Statistical Power of Impact Evaluations in Low- and Middle-Income Countries, Qi Zhang

Posters from 2016


A PNN-Jensen-Bregman Divergence for a WLAN Indoor Positioning System, Osamah Ali Abdullah


Selective Incarceration and Extraction of Oxoanion Contaminants from Aqueous Media by Self-assembled Nanojars, Basil Ahmed


Work Protecting Sensitive Data in VANETs Using Active Data Bundles, Abduljaleel M. Al Hasnawi


The Level of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbon Contamination on the Kalamazoo River Shoreline Remains High Following the 2010 Enbridge Oil Spill, Wisam Abdulabbas Flayyih Al Isawi

Content Analysis Challenges to Emiratisation, Mohammed Aljanahi


High Performance Bayesian Applications in Medical, Economics and Climate Sciences, Ahmed Almulihi


Implementation of Software Community Radio Using Low Cost Resources, Amean Shareaf Ghazi Al-Safi

Inter-annual Variability of Lake-effect Snowfall in Lower Peninsula of Michigan, Dale E. Arnold, Bandhan Ayon, Brian Chambers, and Nirjala Koirala

Musical Lyrics and YouTube Commentary on Kurdish Identity Politics, Sevda Arslan


Evaluation of the Discriminable Stimulus Effects of 0.3 mg/kg 3, 4‑methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MDPV) and 1.0 mg/kg 4-methylmethcathinone (4-MMC) Using a Drug Discrimination Procedure in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats, Michael Berquist

Planarian 'Vision': A Combination of Ocular and Dermal Phototransduction, Taylor Birkholz


Fort St. Joseph Archaeological Project: 2015 Field Season, John Cardinal and Erika Loveland

Assessment of Concussion Education for Student‐Athletes, Miriam Carroll-Alfano

Plasticity of Mitral Cell Dendritic Morphology in the Adult Zebrafish Olfactory Bulb Following Chemical Deafferentation, Joanna Dickens


Online CTE in the Community College, Brian T. Dietz and Rachal Etshim

Evidence for Recent Spring Activity on Mars, Abotalib Farag


The Impact of a Story-Based Lesson on Student Learning and Attitudes, Janice Marie Fulford


Previous Exposure to LSD Fails to Enhance the Psychomotor Stimulant Effects of d-Amphetamine in Male Sprague-Dawley Rats, Keli Herr

The Characterization of Flexographic Printed Conductive Lines on Atmospheric-Plasma Treated Ultra-Thin PDMS Films, Michael J. Joyce