Alternative Approach to Clay Control in Green Sand

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sam Ramrattan


Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering

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Based on previous work done using a VIS Spectrophotometric Technique1at the viable region of the spectra, a new methodology was investigated to determine the percentage of active clay in a sample of green sand. Spectrophotometry measures transmission or absorption properties of a material in a range of wavelengths2. This technique measures the drop in absorbency, or concentration of a dye in solution, and correlates that drop to the level of clay presents in the sample of only sand and clay. The effect of additional additives on the results is not included.

An environmentally friendly organic commercial dye was investigated as a possible alternative to methylene blue, and the relationship between dye concentration and clay level was explored. It was found that for a given blend of clay types in green sand, an inverse relationship between absorbency and the amount of active clay in a sample shows a fairly linear trend.

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