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ZnSnN2: A New Earth-Abundant Element Semiconductor for Solar Cells

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Dr. Steven Durbin


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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There is considerable interest in earth-abundant element alternatives to conventional compound semiconductors, particularly for solar cells One candidate is ZnSnN2, which has only recently been demonstrated. Not only are Znand Sn "earth abundant," but approximately 1/3rd of the US domestic consumption comes directly from reclamation activity, so there is a strong environmental benefit to this material. The bandgap energy of ZnSnN2 - a semiconductor's fundamental parameter - is predicted to be 2.0 eV. Intriguingly, we have evidence that the actual bandgap is a strong function of the lattice ordering - obviating the need for traditional alloying approaches to application-specific bandgap tuning.


This poster was presented at the 2015 Western Michigan University Research and Creative Activities Poster Day. The poster and abstract are currently unavailable through ScholarWorks.

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