Using GIS to Examine the Relationship of Maternal race and Neighborhood Racial Segregation with Birth Outcomes

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Dr. Amy Curtis


Interdisciplinary Health Sciences

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Kalamazoo County reflects national and statewide birth disparity trends, with infant mortality rates 2.5 to 3 times higher among blacks compared to whites. Racial health disparities have been shown to vary widely across communities throughout the nation, and are thought to be closely linked to a community’s racial segregation. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is useful in both illustrating and analyzing geographic distributions of social phenomenon, such as racial segregation and birth outcomes. This study utilized GIS to define racially segregated neighborhoods in Kalamazoo County and examine the association of race and racial segregation with birth outcomes at the individual maternal level as well as at the neighborhood level.


One of the winners of 2012 Research and Creative Activities Poster Day.

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