Laura Day

Date of Defense

Fall 11-7-2003


Occupational Therapy

First Advisor

Ben Atchison, Occupational Therapy

Second Advisor

Linda Johnson-Cross, Occupational Therapy

Third Advisor

Jaclyn West-Fraiser, Occupational Therapy


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In the school setting, an occupational therapist has various rolls. The overall goal of an OT in the school is to help the child master the skills necessary to be successful in a school. This may include handwriting, fine motor skills, organization, modifying the classroom, etc. An OT evaluates the child's developmental performance, observes the child's home and school environment, develops a treatment plan, and recommends adaptive equipment to facilitate age-appropriate development. There are several ways to provide services in the school setting. Services can be individual treatment in the classroom or during other school activities, treatment in small groups in a classroom, consultation with the student's teacher, providing in-services for groups of educational personnel, and serving on a curriculum meeting.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only