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"The doctor will see you now." A black door swings open to allow a woman in her early twenties entrance into the offices of Borden, Glomski, and Van Hoven. The grating piped-in Musak follows her into the consultation room. The air smells nauseatingly antiseptic and the woman eases herself into the too-soft leather chair at the side of the desk. An older woman seated at the desk reports, "The examination went beautifully, Kathy. You are carrying twins." The doctor slides a black and white still photograph-like image of her patient's first children across her desktop. "Congratulations, Kathy," the doctor said, smiling broadly. Staring down at the gray speckled images of the life she was creating, Kathy becomes very conscious of her responsibility. There is not much to see in the fuzzy grayness of the picture but two hazily defined heads. This image will be the first entry in Mark and Matt's baby album. This picture was obtained by ultrasound.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only