Date of Defense




First Advisor

Robert Landeros, Management

Second Advisor

Sime Curkovic, Management

Third Advisor

Thomas Scannell, Management


Online bidding is a relatively new sourcing procedure that is quickly becoming available as an important sourcing strategy for corporations around the world. There are many business-to-business e-commerce providers that are making online bidding a reality for more and more companies. The concepts of B2B e-commerce are inherent in online bidding procedures, and continued advancements in technology will fuel the growth of these providers. An in-depth look at a single provider of B2B e-commerce solutions and its individual market making process will provide the information necessary to understand the operations of online bidding.

There are many issues arising for the first time following the advent of this technology, and they must be addressed appropriately. These issues include things such as quality of parts, supplier relationships with sourcing teams, and economical pricing. Other topics that are necessary to investigate include the emergence of suppliers in foreign countries, logistical means of utilizing these suppliers, and the impact this will have on companies that select these options. Collectively, results from the analysis of these issues will provide reasons to support or deny online bidding as a sourcing strategy for corporations around the world.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only