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First Advisor

Dr. William Redmon

Second Advisor

Dr. Richard Malott


Monetary incentive systems have been studied quite frequently in terms of their effects on productivity. No data exist, however, regarding their effects on social interactions in groups. This study is a laboratory experiment in which four subjects completed crossword puzzles in a group setting. They were exposed to an ABC experimental design involving (A) hourly wage, (B) individual incentive contingency, and (C) group-averaging incentive contingency. The number of puzzle items completed correctly was measured. The number of positive, negative, and neutral social interactions were counted. A subjective survey also measured each individual's satisfaction with his/her productivity, group productivity, work atmosphere, and work task after each session. The results showed no clear relationship between the incentive condition in effect and any of the variables measured. Factors such as the limits on time and money as well as variables related to subject participation may have influenced the results, and they are discussed.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only