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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies


Contracting has been an integral part of our society for many years, although not until the past few years were contracts used as educational devices in our school systems. Like any other contract, an educational contract is made up of many parts. All contracts must name the parties concerned and specify what end result is to be achieved by those involved. The terms of the contract must be clearly specified and under what conditions the tasks associated with it will take place. Finally, the con tract must include a full description of the benefits to be attain ed upon completion of the contract task. This is as true in an educational contract as it is in any other. The only difference being, that in an educational contract, one party is usually a teacher, counselor, or parent, while the other is a student. By being introduced to contracts in school, the student is being prepared for entry into the real world in which he will eventually participate as an adult. Further, both student and teacher are expected to adhere to the terms of the contract (as would be expected in any other situation). Therefore helping the student learn about responsibility for his own behavior, be it disciplinary or educational.

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