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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

First Advisor

Dr. Christine Browning

Second Advisor

Dr. Dwayne E. Channell

Third Advisor

Chris Kuthe


Anywhere we look today, we can see technology in use. In our country, we have ATM's, cell phones, and email right at our fingertips yet, the technology of graphing calculators is not given a strong consideration in a typical mathematics curriculum. 'Technological tools (such as, computers) are as necessary for mathematical work today as paper and pencils" (Cangelosi, p. 10), but my few observations in local mathematics classrooms show that teachers do not chose to include graphing calculator technology at all. Graphing calculators, now as powerful as early desktop computers, can be utilized to provide students opportunities for appropriate technology experience and more advanced mathematical work.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only