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Dr. Karen Vocke

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Patricia Bills


This website is a resource for teachers to reference in order to help them understand and teach various aspects of Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. First, Fahrenheit 451'is a great book to teach in the classroom. It presents many ideas that will cause students to think about the world around them. Some of these ideas include thinking on one's own and also questioning information that is presented to students. One aspect of Ray Brabury's Fahrenheit 451 looks at the idea of censorship in the world- In this futuristic tale, boob are burned rather than read and the censorship of various parts of life can be seen, including free thinking. Technology seems to have taken over and people no longer think about life, they just go along with the crowd and never question anything that occurs; people never ask 'Whys'' I hope that after reading and discovering numerous aspects of this book with your students that they will see the world differently.

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