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First Advisor

Dr. William A. Smith

Second Advisor

Dr. William B. Harrison

Third Advisor

Dr. John Grace


The study of the Diamond Springs oil field in Allegan County focuses on the use of gravity to delineate individual reef buildups. The Diamond Springs oil field is a small patch reef located in northern Allegan County, Michigan. The reef, which is approximately 1400 feet deep, is located within the Middle Devonian Traverse Limestone and was deposited in an open shelf, carbonate platform and lagoonal environment. The reef covers an area of approximately one square mile and has a vertical relief of 30 to 80 feet. These porous reef materials are commonly buried by muds or evaporites resulting in ideal conditions for the entrapment of hydrocarbons. Using data from cores and well logs available at the Michigan Basin Core Repository at Western Michigan University, the densities of the Diamond Springs patch reef and its surrounding rocks were determined. With this data, a theoretical gravity model was constructed for the reef using a computer modeling program. After these theoretical models were determined on the computer, field work was conducted. The gravity stations were located 200 feet apart, along a paved road and were surveyed in so as to determine their elevation and the location. Gravity models obtained from the reduced field data were then compared with the theoretically determined models.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access