Date of Defense

Spring 4-29-2008


Biological Sciences

First Advisor

John Jellies

Second Advisor

Christine Byrd-Jacobs


neural circuitry


The main objective of this proposal is to identify the peripheral location of the neurotransmitters of the heart excitatory motor neurons. In the leech (Hirudo verbana), there are two lateral heart tubes that lie along the length of the animal. THe heart tubes are innervated segmentally by neurons (Calbreses et al. 1984a). These neurons release neurotransmitters at their synapses that influence the heart tube activity. This study will concentrate on the following aims: 1) to determine if AChE expression in the heart tubes is consistent with the co-localization of both neurotransmitters, and 2) to follow the timing and appearance of AChE in order to see if ACh develops independently of postsynaptic activity.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only