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Christine Carlton

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Delores Gauthier

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Craig Arnold


On December 12, 1993, a senior recital was performed containing vocal music by Mozart, Mendelssohn, and Poulenc. Following the Lee Honors College Thesis guidelines, this paper discusses the song sets by these composers performed on that recital. These sets include: three songs by Felix Mendelssohn, two arias and a duet from various Mozart operas, and a cycle of seven songs by Francis Poulenc. Each set is unique in its musical classification or genre, melody and text combination, and its accompaniment. Distinctions between the sets are influenced by the composers' backgrounds. Differences in the style requires the performance of each to be unique in its vocal style, interaction between performer and accompanist, and its staging and facial expressiveness. This paper will discuss the characteristics of each set and the performance preparations that were made for the recital.

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Honors Thesis-Campus Only