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First Advisor

Dr. Silvia Roederer

Second Advisor

Phyllis Rappeport


There are many piano methods on the market (Alfred, Bastien, Music Tree, etc.) that provide a strong base for musical growth. It is up to each individual teacher to decide how long a student should stay in a particular method. At some point the student needs to begin to explore the vast amount of piano literature that exists today. The most appropriate time for the student to break from the method book is when they have reached the intermediate level. If a teacher has used the methods correctly, their students should have a solid base in the areas of technic, theory, and aural skills. From this point on, the knowledge in these areas should increase with each piece that is studied. The teacher should serve as an aide to guide their student to better musical understanding through analysis of the music itself.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only