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Comparative Religion

First Advisor

Dr. Nancy Falk

Second Advisor

Dr. Thomas Lawson

Third Advisor

Dr. Irene Vasquez


The word witch evokes many images, thoughts and emotions. Coming to mind immediately is the stereotype of the old crone wearing a long, pointy hat and riding a broom. Also associated with witchcraft are images of women turning people into frogs or being burned at the stake. But when asked about perceptions of modern day witches, people often express feelings ranging from apprehension and fear to disbelief and pity. People joke uneasily about witches, concurrently skeptical and fearful of the powers witches may possess. One common factor in the mythology of the witch has been the ascribed gender. Witches are female. Male « witches do exist, but stereotypically it is women who practice witchcraft.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only