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This is a unit plan, which is teaching about the physical geography of Egypt and what daily life in Ancient Egypt was like. This unit was created using TCi’s History Alive textbook, which laid out the expectations in the form of I can statements. It also laid out different activities that the students could do to better understand this material. My unit plan is taking the TCi activities and adapting them to what I thought was best for my students. This unit plan also contains a reflection of how teaching chapter 7 went for me, when I taught it during my internship. This also contains demographic information found for the school in which I was teaching, to give a context to what was taught, how it was taught, and what accommodations were given. The unit plan is also broken down into individual lesson plans, which describe what was done each day and how it was done. There is also a calendar included that shows how this lesson could be taught by anybody else if they were to start teaching it. A list of sources is also included, and most of these sources would be used to help supplement the chapter 9 activity of role playing the social classes of Ancient Egypt. I taught chapter 7 to three classes of sixth graders, and each class had about 32 students.

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