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Daniel Farrell

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Jennifer Palthe


human resource graduates, knowledge-based assessment, SHRM


In 2011 The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) released a new assessment for human resource majors who have recently graduated from a collegiate human resource program or who will soon be graduating, this assessment is the SHRM Assurance of Learning (AOL) Assessment. The AOL Assessment aims to benefit three main audiences, those being collegiate human resource programs, human resource graduates and organizations hiring recently graduated human resource professionals. Being a new assessment, the benefits and awareness of this new exam have not been fully assessed. This lack of research serves as the purpose of this study. The aim of this study was to access the perceived benefits and awareness of the SHRM AOL Assessment among human resource professionals and students. Human resource management students at Western Michigan University were surveyed to evaluate student awareness, interest and knowledge of the AOL Assessment. The sample of students is limited only to students who were enrolled in one of two required human resource management courses on Western Michigan University's campus. Human Resource professionals were also surveyed to assess their awareness, opinion and knowledge of the assessment. The human resource professionals surveyed were those who served on the executive committee for the Kalamazoo Human Resource Management Association (KHRMA).

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Honors Thesis-Open Access