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It has been recognized by the international aviation community that there will be an anticipated shortage of skilled aviation professionals in the near future. In order to address this important issue, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) launched the Next Generation of Aviation Professionals (NGAP) initiative to ensure that enough qualified and competent aviation professionals are available to operate, manage, and maintain the future international air transport system (ICAO, 2014). This highly complex industry is growing at a significant rate around the globe, and this shortage needs to be addressed before it becomes a threat to this increasing vital and intricate trade.

To avoid this shortage, aviation professionals need to recruit the best students and graduates to become the next generation of aviation professionals. This means that employers need to have the right tools to discover these candidates. It begins with outreach, but that part has become seamless with the voice of the internet and social media. The real challenge will be recruiting the right people and training them to become the future leaders of this industry. This can be done by developing successful internships programs. The Aviation Internship Toolkit was developed for organizations big and small from any nation, developing or well established, to help create successful internship programs. This toolkit, which has recently been approved by ICAO, will be stamped with their logo and translated into over 30 languages for businesses to use all over the world. Over 400 copies of this version of the toolkit has been printed and distributed at the 2nd NGAP Symposium in Montréal, Canada, and it will soon be made available online via ICAO’s webpage.

This toolkit was built to be made available for companies and organizations around the globe, to help ignite interest in youth, help recruit young professionals to the International Air Transport Industry, and to retain bright, new minds to help with the on-going development of aviation world-wide.


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