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Christopther Biggs

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Lisa Coons


The works that I selected to be performed on my senior recital are pieces that I’ve written over the course of the past year. Most of my work is predicated on the exploration of the human condition. Rather than focusing on technical and cerebral complexities that abstract music aims to explore, my work is grounded in the emotional realm. This foundation, I hope, provokes the listener to experience and question the characteristics of their own self. The largest piece on my program, “Creature”, is a 20 minute multi-­‐media production that includes video, electronic music and live performance. The piece is meant to spark self-­‐inquiry while demonstrating the possibilities of the future concert hall. “Incantation” furthers the exploration of this concert hall setting by utilizing electronic media with live, acoustic instruments. All of the pieces on my program are intended to bring people together through the tradition of live performance and advance this custom into the next generation of intellectual and emotional entertainment.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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