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Teaching, Learning and Educational Studies

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Nina Nelson

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Kathryn Williams


This paper explores and discusses the use of creative movement in the normal classroom setting as a means of stimulating the brain to be active in learning and eliciting emotional responses in children. Creative methods of pedagogy are explored through research about the involvement of the Multiple Intelligences by Howard Gardner, right and left brain functions while learning, 21st Century skills, and movement as a mode of learning. The benefits of arts integration in the classroom are examined as they relate to pedagogy and ways to include all learners regardless of mental, physical or emotional capabilities is discussed. The research presented provides a rationale for the inclusion of creative movement and other arts in the classroom. This paper also serves as an introduction for the kindergarten unit plan designed to demonstrate how educators can use creative movement to effectively teach the content areas while yielding evidence of learning. The unit plan includes a description and outline of the subject area and creative movement content students will encounter. Important information for teachers regarding the implementation of movement in the classroom is included with suggestions for classroom interactions, materials for teacher and student preparation, and methods of fostering a creative, academically stimulating, and safe learning environment.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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