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Ann Veeck

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Alexis Huizar

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Julie Ford


Introduction: During my internships I was able to work with and meet women leaders in marketing. Through our discussions I learned that gender roles are still prevalent in large companies today. Many of the women I worked with talked about struggles women face in their career that men do not. There were strong emotions that women did not get equal treatment for their contributions to the company. I was surprised by these statements, especially from seemingly successful women. This thesis will be an exploration of the difficulties professional female marketers face, and the ways women that are starting their career can overcome these challenges.

Methodology: Various information gathering methods are currently being explored. The most prevalent will be to interview women leaders in marketing identified by myself and Dr. Ann Veeck. Each interview will conclude with an opportunity for the interviewee to identify another woman leader in marketing who should be interviewed. This will create an expansive network, transcending the women currently available to the thesis defendant and the thesis chair.

A second method would be to send out a survey that can be passed along between women leaders in marketing, concluding with an option to fill in contact information if the respondent would like to be interviewed. This method would prove effective in gathering preliminary information quickly and easily, and may allow for a wider population of respondents to be contacted. However, it could prove ineffective if few respondents provide contact information. Additionally, it relies on the respondents to pass the survey along in order to be successful. Both this method and the previous may be used in conjunction.

Goal: The intent of this thesis is to provide an honest look into the lives of professional female marketers to allow younger generations to prepare for challenges they will face.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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