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Jill Hermann-Wilmarth

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Amy Bentz

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Aaron Brossiet


Multicultural Literature, Critical Literacy, Social Justice, Inquiry


This paper argues for the use of multicultural literature in the classroom, and puts forth a unit plan that uses critical literacy in an English 11 classroom, though it can be readapted to fit other grade levels. Bishop (1990) describes multicultural literature as a set of windows, that people use to view the experiences of others, and mirrors, that reflect and validate peoples’ experience, a core principal in this paper. Critical literacy is comprised of four dimensions (Lewison, Flint, & Van Sluys, 2002) that allows for analyzing literature in a different and meaningful way. The final part of this paper details a five phase unit plan that has students inquiring into different cultures using Jigsaw groups (Aronson, n.d.).

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Honors Thesis-Open Access