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Kelley Pattison

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Kristi Block

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Andy Brown


academic stress, nursing, self-efficacy


University students in health disciplines face many different sources of stress and challenges during their experience in their individual programs. However, a study shows that baccalaureate nursing students experience higher levels of stress as well as higher levels of physiological and psychological symptoms than students in other health-related disciplines (Beck et al., 1997). In order to create interventions to improve student performance and self-efficacy in the nursing program, both the professors and students in the program must understand the most significant stressors that can negatively impact the overall performance of the nursing students.

A survey was conducted to identify the main sources of stress for senior nursing students (n=45) in a baccalaureate nursing program. Data was collected by means of a survey questionnaire using SurveyMonkey. The goal of this study was to determine what the biggest sources of stress are in the nursing program and identify what factors in the students’ lives may affect academic achievement and self-efficacy.

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