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Kyle Jehnzen

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Sarah Hagen

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Thomas McLaughlin


Professional Pilots fly aircraft for a living. Just like there are many different types of aircraft, there are many different types of professional pilot jobs. While it is an impossible task to describe every single job a professional pilot could have, there are four "groups" in which most jobs can be classified. These groups are Part 121 Scheduled Airline Service, Part 135 On-demand Charter, Part 91 Corporate/Private, and Part 61/141/142 Flight Instruction. The goal of this thesis is to examine the differences between these four groups; and by doing so, aid in the education and career decision making of those who are training to become professional pilots. This thesis examines and compares the schedules, compensation, location, typical flying day, equipment, destinations, requirements to be hired, and opportunities for advancement that each grouping of professional pilot jobs offers. Interviews were conducted with professional pilots currently in the industry, giving an inside look at each job.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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