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First Advisor

Sime Curkovic

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Christopher Tirtadihardja


Industry 4.0, Consulting, Business Plan, Organizational Development, Continuous Improvement, Operations, Internet of Things, Change Management, Agile Management, Business Process Modeling, Data Analytics, Integration, Idea-meritocratic decision making, Strategic Management, Operations Management, Digital Industry, Digitization


The goal of this paper outlines a business framework for the development of a digitization consulting firm focused on the manufacturing sector. The firm’s goal is to help organizations in Michigan leverage technology to keep their business vibrant and workers skilled. The primary services for the firm will be related to the implementation of products and services within Industry 4.0, the cyber-physical smart factory industrial revolution. The beginning of the paper explains the ecosystem surrounding digitalization as well as the nine technologies (ex: big data, simulation, additive manufacturing) driving the innovation. The framework for this business plan uses the business model canvas to explain the key relationships and structures of the firm. An analysis of the plan uses SWOT to judge the proposed firm against its competitors as well as assess potential risks.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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