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Speech, Language and Hearing Science

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Ashley Boza

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Robin Criter


The purpose of this paper is to explore current literature surrounding the similarities, differences, advantages and disadvantages that Deaf children experience while attending mainstream schools compared to the experiences of Deaf children attending all-Deaf and signing schools. A literature review was conducted using the terms: “mainstream schools” , “signing schools” , “resources” , and “Deaf children” were used. Areas of specific interest included social skills, academic performance, overall mood, and the availability of classroom and communication resources. A review of the literature in these four specific areas revealed mixed findings about which academic environment is more beneficial for Deaf children. As a result, a survey was designed and sent out for completion by participants who are Deaf and attended either mainstream schools or signing schools. These results are discussed, as well as the implications for the education of Deaf children.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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