Date of Defense

Spring 4-13-2005



First Advisor

Lawrence T. Potter, Africana Studies

Second Advisor

Ann Veeck, Marketing

Third Advisor

Betty Parker, Marketing


entertainment, marginalization, urban


This research project will explore the phenomenon of Hip-hop culture's acceptance in today's global markets, as well as its impact on popular culture, especially within advertising media. The intent is to show how a musical genre derived from jazz, rhythm and blues, negro hymns/spirituals, funk, rock 'n roll, blues, and gospel, was recognized as a culture, and then accepted and adopted globally. Chapter one provides the reader with the distinction between rap as a genre and its place as a culture. Chapter two discusses Hip-hop as a marketing tool, and chapter three talks about the line white America has straddled between entrepreneurship and exploitation by incorporating Hip-hop culture into its advertising campaigns to target those participants of the culture.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only