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First Advisor

Ann Veeck

Second Advisor

Thomas Schultz


This research provides insight into the lives of division I student-athletes and how the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) can better allocate its earnings to benefit these athletes. In recent years, the NCAA has been under scrutiny regarding how it treats student-athletes and how it handles its earnings. This research looks into student-athlete’s viewpoints on their overall satisfaction, food & nutrition programs, academic experiences, scholarship funding, and other relevant topics. The findings are based off of a survey completed by 120 student-athletes or individuals who have competed within the last five years. Results display agreement levels toward different topics, open-ended responses on each topic, how student-athletes finance their education, and more. Based on the findings, multiple recommendations are made as to how the NCAA can assist in the support of student-athletes. Recommendations are made based off of the current financial status of the NCAA. The allocations should be able to make a significant impact on the lives of student-athletes while staying within the means of the NCAA.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted