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Speech, Language and Hearing Science

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Denise Ross

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Margaret Uwayo

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Janice Bedrosian


speech-language pathology, applied behavior analysis, communication


Research shows that principles of applied behavior analysis (ABA) may be beneficial to language acquisition. Speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have the responsibility of assessment, diagnosis, and treatment for individuals with various speech and language impairments, and work directly with language instruction. However, there is limited knowledge of the degree to which SLPs use concepts of behavior analytic language interventions in clinical practice for individuals of varying language and communication disorders. This study investigated the extent to which practicing SLPs use language strategies from ABA in their clinical practice. A qualitative approach was utilized by conducting individual semi-structured interviews with four practicing SLPs. Thematic analysis of the transcripts of the interviews revealed that although knowledge of ABA principles and perceptions of ABA varied across participants, all responses indicated that the ABA principles discussed could be applicable to the intervention of speech and language disorders, although limitations and barriers were identified. Results will be discussed in terms of the implications for the fields of applied behavior analysis and speech-language pathology.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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