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Ann Veeck

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Kelley O'Reilly


Think Greater than Soccer Think Greater than Soccer (TGS) is a two-phase program designed to develop youth soccer players and help them build a solid foundation to fully utilize their gifts and passions in the game of soccer and outside of the game of soccer. The program includes eight foundational topics that can be applied to help an individual grow in soccer, academics and life. This project includes my experiences trialing the idea with Heritage Christian Academy boys soccer team, a plan to market and to implement a program in West Michigan, and a brief description of each foundational pillar.

Think Greater than Soccer means having a perspective that is not dependent on the results and outcomes of the actual game, but rather the impact you can have on others through the game of soccer. TGS is a way for me to continue to give back and add a dimension that I wish would have been there for me while I was growing up. The aim of TGS is to develop kids through sport, provide mentorship and inspire from an athlete platform, while leaving a lasting positive impact on the youth and the soccer community.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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