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First Advisor

Lisa Whittaker

Second Advisor

Jessica Birnbaum


The current research focuses on comparing the differences and similarities in airport security between the O'Hare International Airport and JFK International Airports. The research adopts a case study design where secondary sources of information are collected through library searches. Based on different cited materials, the research finds that there are similarities between the two airports in terms of security screening, procedures at the check-in counter, biometric boarding systems and customs and immigration procedures. It was also evident that both airports have incorporated technology in improving their service delivery and reducing the waiting periods. This is evident from the fact both airports use MPC for customs and immigration among passengers from Canada and the United States. Finally, the research highlighted two main differences between the two airports, and these were in terms of firefighting and rescue as well as the wildlife management techniques adopted. Finally, based on the discussion, the research viable provided recommendations for each airport.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted