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Civil and Construction Engineering

First Advisor

Decker Hains

Second Advisor

Betsy Aller


Enclosure during construction is often time-consuming, expensive, and at the mercy of the weather. By introducing methods for manufacturing prefabricated enclosure components such as wall panels and roof sections, the impact of the three major variables is reduced. Designs for trusses, roof sections, wall sections, and foundations were developed and selected using civil engineering principles; and manufacturing and logistical processes were optimized using engineering and project management skill sets. These multi-disciplinary efforts were combined to create an accessible and versatile set of designs and instructions that can improve the effectiveness of both a skilled and non-skilled volunteer workforce. By creating panelized enclosure components, plans for prefabrication, volunteer instructions, and a process to guide Habitat for Humanity of Michigan towards implementation, it is expected that all 53 Habitat for Humanity of Michigan Affiliates will be able to utilize these designs with minimal adjustment. The required adjustments are found based on individual circumstance, however, a strategy for making necessary changes was provided. In the end Habitat for Humanity of Michigan will be able to panelize, prefabricate, and install with an estimated minimal cost of $13,927.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access