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Date of Graduation



Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

First Advisor

Javier Montefort

Second Advisor

Mitchel Keil


In this project, designs for the hinging, propping, and latching mechanisms on the 2021 Sunseeker Solar Car were created. These designs allow for the car’s array of solar panels to be held at any desired angle to maximize collection of solar power and give the team access to the battery and driver compartment. Removable telescoping prop rods with pin attachments are used to set the array at a desired angle. The hinging mechanism allows for the array to be lifted vertically prior to rotation in order to avoid interference with the car’s roll cage. To accomplish this, two four-bar linkages were used to hinge the array to the body of the solar car. Latch pins were used to latch the array closed while the vehicle is in motion. There will be space on the underside of the car to actuate and de-actuate these pins. The mechanisms designed in this project will provide support for the array while the vehicle is being charged or repaired and keep the array secure while the car is in motion.


Co-authored with Landen Wallace and Ryan Zaharia.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access

Senior Design Presentation (1).pdf (1503 kB)
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