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First Advisor

Patricia Montilla

Second Advisor

John Jellies


This research study explores the circumstances and experiences of LatinX patients with limited English proficiency (LEP) when seeking treatment in the healthcare system of Southwest Michigan, in addition to proposing solutions to better facilitate this population’s access. The terminology used in this research, LatinX, is an American English neologism used as a genderinclusive term used interchangeably with Latino/a and/or Hispanic. This research provides an overview of the current socio-political legislature and climate of the American healthcare system as it pertains to the LatinX population to spread awareness and identify the barriers existing in our current healthcare model. This study will also catalog existing resources for the LatinX community of Southwest Michigan to serve as a guide and point of comparison to identify what resources still need to be made available and what action still needs to be taken. In order to best serve LatinX patients in Southwest Michigan, it is imperative to spread awareness of existing resources that facilitate population’s access to healthcare, as well as propose additional resources that consider the unique challenges this population faces when accessing healthcare.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access