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First Advisor

Karen Lancendorfer

Second Advisor

Greg Gerfen


My thesis details my experiences and contributions throughout a four-month long course and complementary competition for advertising students within the United States. This competition is held by the American Advertising Federation in South Bend, Indiana. The National Student Advertising Competition, or NSAC for short, takes place at district, semi-final, and final levels. Our group of more than 20 students were tasked with developing, researching, and creating a multi-dimensional campaign which encompasses all aspects of successful pitch in an agency-like setting, while satisfying the requirements of the client, which was Indeed. The labor was partitioned into creative, production, media, strategy, and account executives.

I acted as a team lead for the production side of our agency, and I was responsible for organizing and overseeing the team members and decisions made by the art and production department. Our main goal was to create the plans book, which we submit and present to a panel of judges. As a team lead, it was important to keep in communication with the team leads of the other departments, especially creative, along with the account executives which oversee everything. A weekly report of what we did, and making sure that we were meeting deadlines was my responsibility. I developed a system which allowed for transparency of our work, so that collaboration within our team and outside was easier. We worked as a cohesive unit to achieve our goal of creating a convincing campaign that has all the elements of a real-world agency pitch. Our production team spent many long hours in person and virtually to create a plans book that we are proud of.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Restricted