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Kelly Wittenberg

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Lusike Mukhongo


Far From Home is a video documentary that focuses on International Students and their experiences of studying abroad. This documentary explores certain aspects of moving to the US for college, such as the motivation behind this significant decision, while shedding light on potential challenges that these students may encounter along their journey. Participants from different countries share their personal experiences and thoughts. Through candid interviews, they answer questions addressing a wide range of topics, including education, culture, language, social life and work opportunities. The participants in the documentary are all college students who moved to the United States specifically to get a higher education. Whether they are first-year undergraduates embarking on their academic adventure or more experienced Ph.D. students, each participant offers a unique lens through which to view the different aspects of studying abroad. While the documentary primarily targets domestic students and professors who regularly interact with International Students, its significance extends far beyond these immediate audiences. Through the authentic stories and perspectives shared by these brave individuals, the film not only raises awareness of the challenges faced by International Students but also highlights the importance of empathy and support within the academic community. Additionally, this documentary reaches an international audience, as other International Students can relate to certain shared experiences portrayed and know that they are not alone. They can also learn from other students’ experiences and take important advice from them. By showcasing the diverse narratives of students studying in the United States, the documentary encourages diversity and inclusion, and serves the purpose of raising awareness about the challenges of studying abroad. Far From Home is an immersive and thought-provoking documentary that dives into the lives of International Students pursuing their dreams in the United States. With its potential to resonate with both domestic and international audiences, Far From Home sheds light on the realities of studying abroad, encouraging empathy and support within the community while celebrating the universal aspirations that unite us all.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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