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Computer Science

First Advisor

Jason Johnson

Second Advisor

Guan Yue Hong


For my honors college thesis, I and two group members completed our senior design project. For this senior design project, we created a proposal workflow application. We made this application for RoviSys, a company that I had previously interned for and will be working for full time. This application streamlines the creation of project proposals. This meanings that everything a person would need to create a proposal is in one spot. This is very different from the current process of referencing multiple Excel and Word documents. Our project had three phases that we had to complete. The first being the mock-up phase. This phase is where we created the overall design of what the product was going to look like. This was done using figma, which is a free application online. We ended up creating three different versions of the project until we finally landed on the best on. Then we moved onto the second phase which was coding. We spent a lot of time coding because there was a bit of a learning curve. We decided to use Syncfusion Blazor to create our project. This was something none of us had used before. However, one we figured out how the application worked we were able to code our project in HTML, CSS, and C#. By using these languages, we were able to create a working proposal workflow application that allows people to edit, preview, and share the proposal that they are working on. The last phase of our project was creating our lengthy report and presentation in order to present our code, and application. We completed the report with all of the requirements for the class. Then we got to present to a group of teachers, friends, coworkers, and President Montgomery sat in on our presentation. Overall, it was a great experience, and I was able to learn many new things.


Co-authored with:

Josh Braman

Jake McCreadie

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Honors Thesis-Restricted