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Interdisciplinary Health Programs

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Don Hoover

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Rodney Weir

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Ben Brady


Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVAs) create a variety of debilitating symptoms for the patients who endure them. CVAs occur in either the left or right hemisphere of the brain and can impact a variety of components of one’s daily living. Symptomatology can range from reduced motor skills to inhibited sensory interpretation, and more. Studies have shown that there are key similarities and differences in the symptoms that surface due to the location and severity of the CVA. As a result, the physical therapy interventions, outcomes, and recovery processes vary according to the specific needs of the patient. This research will constitute a narrow literary review of the available physical therapy interventions for post-CVA patients. Interventions will be categorized by their application, intended zone of influence, and the effectiveness of their outcomes. This research will also evaluate the differences in recovery for patients with right versus left hemisphere CVA. The culmination of this research will result in a cohesive literary analysis of previous studies conducted on this topic and lay the groundwork for further research.

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Honors Thesis-Restricted

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Available for download on Thursday, June 18, 2026