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Cat Crotchett

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Heidi Weiss


The senior thesis show within the Frostic School of Art serves to mimic what the working artist will one day hope to achieve regularly: having their work in solo exhibitions throughout museums and galleries across the world. Thus the thesis show is not only an incredible learning experience, but also a crucial indicator of a student’s preparedness for life as a graduated artist. Through the experience of hosting one’s own show and reception, the artist will need to curate and create a collection of themed works for the exhibition, handle the layout, installation, and deinstallation of said exhibition, and promote the event widely in order to ensure its success. The exhibition “All That I Hold Dear” by the painter Emma Hampel accomplishes all of these goals and more. The artist chose for their thesis to examine what it is that they cherish in life, and it was from this line of questioning that the final product was born. Through the inclusion of poignant themes such as family, nature, home, and passion, the works within the collection serve to highlight who the creator ultimately is, and what it is that she is made of. Not only this, but they seek to remind viewers of the places in their own lives that they too find meaning and value. The methods used to create these pieces range from oil and acrylic painting, to various forms of print media, to installation. The technical skills that were gained involving the etiquette of installing work and labels and preparing hardware in a gallery setting will serve the artist greatly in their future career. In addition, the considerations towards a cohesive theme and body of work will set the artist up for success in upcoming endeavors, particularly in the next few years at graduate school. Ultimately, the tradition has proven to have lasting effects not only on the curator, but on all the visitors, friends, mentors, and family that have chosen to share in and be inspired by the end result as well.

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Honors Thesis-Open Access

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Fine Arts Commons