Date of Defense

Spring 4-15-2003



First Advisor

John Weitzel, Marketing

Second Advisor

Antonia Isea, Spanish

Third Advisor

Patricia Montilla, Spanish


soft drinks, soda, pop, Latino, Latina


In recent years, "diversity marketing" has sent marketers scrambling to conjure up campaigns and promotions that will reach ethnic minorities. Most major companies have made substantial efforts to reach prominent minorities; some have been resoundingly successful, while others have ended up blunder. The author discusses the importance of diversity marketing in domestic business throughout its history in the United States. There is a specific focus on the Hispanic population because of its size and expected growth. Through a case study into one of the most successful companies to reach the Hispanics domestically, Coca-Cola, the author explains why certain companies have thrived and others have failed. The author also recommends several strategies for companies considering investing in Hispanic marketing and what future benefits may come to those who invest in long-term plans for the market.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only