Date of Defense

Fall 12-7-2005



First Advisor

JoAnn Roznowski, Marketing

Second Advisor

Barbara Secrist, Business Information Systems

Third Advisor

Thom Andrews, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra


To gain a better understanding of who is purchasing tickets for Harvey's Hideaway at Miller Auditorium, the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra and the marketing department at Western Michigan University executed a research study among previous ticket purchasers. This report discusses the results of that research. The survey also focused on patron satisfaction, demographics, sources of awareness of Harvey's Hideaway, and familiarity with the related program, Hidden Treasures. Respondents were primarily older, highly educated, and from a variety of household incomes. Most chose to purchase tickets based on price. It was also found that the Kalamazoo Gazette was the most effective media in creating awareness.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only