Date of Defense

Fall 11-12-1998

First Advisor

Dewei Qi, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering

Second Advisor

Raja Aravamuthan, Paper and Printing Science and Engineering


This thesis proposal outlines a project in which the efficiency of a papermachine is increased by controlling the tension through the dryer section. The controlled tension is expected to reduce wet end breaks and to decrease the steam demand of the dryer section. The experiment will be run by placing a laser positioning sensor above the open draw of a papermachine and monitoring the position of the draw until an optimum height of the paper has been determined. Then an automatic drive controller will be connected to the wet end drive to maintain a constant draw height and the machine performance at this point will be evaluated. A theory will be developed that concerns the thin insulating layer of air between the sheet and the dryer can. The amount of tension required to operate the machine at the most efficient level will also be determined.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access