Date of Defense

Spring 4-10-2003


Family and Consumer Sciences

First Advisor

Richard Zinser, Family and Consumer Sciences

Second Advisor

Eileen Buckley, Family and Consumer Sciences

Third Advisor

Judy McGowan, Family and Consumer Sciences


As career and technical education continues to evolve, much research has been done as to what qualities are needed by employees from all of the ever-changing industries. These "employability skills" have been identified, but there has been no standardization of how to incorporate these skills into the classroom. Through observations of CTE classes, the presence of these skills have been minimal and vary widely from school district to school district. Thus the development of the question: is there a need for standardization on how to teach employability skills? The methods used for this research include a literature review and interviews with four Computer-aided Design high school teachers on their views of employability skills and an analysis of their views concerning the literature. Upon completion of the research, the literature and interviewees pointed out similar reasons for the need for standardization of employability skills: they include the skills being too broad, too hard to assess, and some skills too hard to teach. Thus, this information addresses the need for standardization of teaching methods of employability skills.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only