Date of Defense

Spring 4-17-2000



First Advisor

Kathleen E. Sinning, Accountancy

Second Advisor

Donna Hetzel, Accountancy


flex schedules, work-life


The purpose of this thesis is to explore work/life balance issues of women who work in public accounting. The term "work/life balance" refers to individuals having the time available outside of work, for things such as family, while still pursuing a successful career. It stems from the current "work to live" trend versus the old trend "live to work." The public accounting profession has gone through drastic changes over the past decade, including the number of women who are now making public accounting their careers. This paper looks into some of those changes and how they apply to women. The author approached this first by exploring women's issues as they pertain to public accounting, then by surveying classmates and women in the field of public accounting. The findings are valuable to women who are looking into a career in public accounting.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Campus Only