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First Advisor

Jerry Kopf, Management

Second Advisor

Robert Landeros, Management

Third Advisor

Daniel Farrell, Management


Increasing public awareness of ethics in business, or a lack thereof, has inspired an abundance of study, research and a variety of theories regarding ethics and has encouraged many firms and associations to establish corporate and professional codes of ethics. This thesis begins with a literature review surrounding the definition of ethics and ethical decision-making behavior. The Theory of Reasoned Action model designed by Fishbein and Ajzen (1975) proposed a linkage of external variables and an individual's behavioral intention (Randall, 1989), the theory being that change is ultimately a result of changes in beliefs. Tests to predict behavior suffer from problems that can be resolved through use of an experimental design by manipulating the consequences for the decision-maker. The purpose of this study is to improve on previous tests of Azjen's hypothesis that different consequences provide different behaviors by using an experimental design.

Access Setting

Honors Thesis-Open Access